Hillside Primary & Nursery School celebrate Red Nose day

Hillside Primary & Nursery School children celebrated Red Nose Day at school, basing their day on the theme of superheroes.

Hillside Primary & Nursery School celebrate Red Nose day

Class Teacher Mrs Kim Morning said children came dressed as their favourite superheroes or created their own. ‘The children all looked fabulous today and had really made a super effort. It was great walking round school and seeing everybody in their different costumes.  In our classes we learnt about why we were raising money and some classes did activities with a red nose day theme.’

Pupil Annabelle Waplington age 7 explained which superhero she chose. "I chose to be my mum as she is my superhero, and she works in a care home.” Fellow pupil Luchia Matthews, age 7 said, "I am Rainbow Girl because Rainbows make people happy, and I want to make people happy.”

Kiera-Louise Dodds aged 8 said, " I have come dressed as Supergirl because she is my favourite character.  I have had a super day dressing up and being with my friends and my teachers.”

Rhys Spencer aged 8 said, "I have come dressed as Iron Man because I really like his suit and he’s got really good skills.  The best thing about today was playing with my friends and seeing my teachers.”

Jaimee Wright aged 8 explained her costume, "I have come dressed as Wonder Woman because she is my favourite superhero.  My favourite thing today has been seeing my teachers and playing with my friends.”

Finally, Oliver Kirk age 7 had a topical idea for his superhero. "I have come dressed as a doctor because they save people’s lives.  I liked seeing my friends dressed up.”

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