New name and new beginnings as Whitecotes Primary Academy joins The Flying High Trust

Walton’s Whitecotes Primary Academy will be starting the new year as part of The Flying High Trust, and from the start of the academic year in September 2021 will adopt a new name, Walton Peak Flying High Academy.

New name and new beginnings as Whitecotes Primary Academy joins The Flying High Trust

The academy has already been working with the Trust ahead of joining on January 1st 2021, benefiting from the expertise available within what is recognised the highest performing primary multi-academy Trust in the East Midlands.

Paul Goodman is Deputy CEO of The Flying High Trust and said, "This is an exciting time not only for the school but its wider community as we work together to ensure the school goes from strength to strength. By working in partnership, the school is capitalising on the opportunities and expertise we have within the Trust, and we know that together with the staff at the school that we can create a beacon of learning for the community.”

One of the opportunities the school has embraced has been to work with the ‘Flying High English Hub’. One of only 32 country wide, Government assigned English Hubs are centres of excellence demonstrating the highest standards of teaching in early language and reading.

Paul said, "Work with the Flying High English Hub has enabled the school to enhance provision in early years and throughout the school to support staff in the effective delivery of reading and Phonics, ensuring the children get the best possible start to their primary school experience.”

Leaders at the school are also working with the Flying High Trust and wider partnership to undertake further National Professional Qualifications, bolstering leadership capacity within the school to accelerate progress.

Nick Layfield is Operations Manager at The Flying High Partnership and said the school will also benefit from investment in the building. "There will be investment in the school site and its learning environments. This will showcase our shared vision and values, led by the staff and children of the school.

"A new uniform is also part of the plan and we have funding in place to provide children with a new uniform which celebrates a new start for the school. This is a new beginning for everyone involved; the school can look forward with confidence to being the best it can be.”

Mrs Jenny Jerram (Year 6 teacher) at the school said, "A new year is a time for fresh starts and positivity - how exciting it is then to begin 2021 with a new acclaimed academy Trust - Flying High. Whitecotes is the heart of our community and when the heart is governed by a head of excellence, the whole cannot fail to succeed. I'm delighted to be at the very start of this journey and look forward to seeing Whitecotes go from strength to strength.”

Chris Wheatley OBE is CEO of The Flying Trust and said, "We are delighted to be taking this journey with the children, staff and families at the school and look forward to a bright future together. Our aim is to clear away any obstacles so that children can receive the best possible education and we are well on the way to seeing the fruits of our shared endeavour already. Together we will ensure that children are confident and thrive, in a nurturing environment which fosters a lifelong love of learning. We will make every day count in pursuit of those opportunities for children at the school.”

For families interested in learning more or securing a place at the school, admissions are open until 15 January 2021. More information can be found by contacting the school or applying via Derbyshire County Council - Admissions.

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