Sam Jenkins - Newly Qualified Teacher at Beeston Fields Primary & Nursery School

Sam completed his teacher training through the Inspiring Leaders School Centred Initial Teacher Training programme and is now completing the NQT programme with the Trust.

What made you chose FHP to complete your teacher training?

Quite honestly, it offered the best route into teaching.  Being in school from day one really appealed to me – I wanted the interaction with the children and not to be solely based in university.  Through researching the different teacher training packages available, the Flying High Partnership really resonated with me. I believe in its values and ethos and really wanted to be part of it, plus a colleague had recommended the Partnership to me.

After securing my place on the programme – I wasn’t disappointed. There is a genuine family feel to the organisation and that you are truly valued as a trainee – this really helps you through your training year and feel that you have the support needed to succeed.

What were the advantages of completing training and securing employment with a Flying High Partnership School?

Without question, having access to outstanding practitioners who deliver on the taught programme and also teach day to day. Their expertise and experience is second to none. The advice, guidance and tips they give you is absolutely golden.

As you complete your training in Flying High Partnership trust schools, you understand how important the core values are. Whilst each school is different in its make-up, the values are the golden thread that runs through each trust school. They aren’t empty words either – you can see them in action day to day and the children take great pride in them. This really helps you as you progress through training and into employment, you can identify with the schools and feel very quickly at ease.

Relationship are also key. Right from starting out on your teacher training you feel connected and supported and this has continued through to my employment at Beeston and starting out on the NQT programme.

How does the Flying High Partnership support you with your career aspirations?

The Partnership offers exceptional support and professional development. Whether you want to be an outstanding teacher, or progress through middle and senior leadership and onto headship, there is a clear path you can follow. It really does make you feel like the sky is the limit and that talent is recognised and nurtured.

Being part of the NQT pool with the partnership has really helped me settle in my first year of teaching. Its great being with the people that I trained with and continuing the professional relationships with the practitioners who have guided me throughout my training and now my NQT year.

Claire Lindsay, Headteacher enthused, "Although Sam didn’t train at Beeston, by coming through the SCITT it meant that I could speak to previous heads that Sam has been involved with to really understand his strengths. I was also able to meet with the Professional Tutor responsible for the Nottinghamshire cohort of trainees to fully understand how best to prepare and support Sam in his NQT year. By coming through the SCITT, and then accessing the NQT programme Sam already had a deep understanding of the Partnership ethos and aims. The great thing about having a trainee that has come through the SCITT is that they continue to be able to access support right through their NQT year and beyond. This gives me security as a head that there is a wide network of support provided through the Partnership that will continue to develop and grow its staff."

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