Testimonials and quotes

We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our children, families, staff and local communities - all of whom have a regular and ongoing voice in shaping our schools and overall partnership.

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I love Edwalton Primary School - working on the farm and with the food share has taught me to think about my whole community and how I can help others" - Stefan at Edwalton Primary School


"The reason for the success of this school is that everyone is pulling in the same direction"

"Outstanding provision for both sustainability, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development has a marked impact on pupils' attitude to learning. This leads directly to excellent pupil behaviour, high rates of attendance and their deep understanding of the world in which they live"


"The range of activities and opportunities this school affords my son is mind blowing!" - Mrs Shreyhane at Candleby Lane

"From the moment I first visited this school I knew it was the perfect environment for my child to flourish. High standards, caring staff, a curriculum that goes beyond tests to ensure my son loves learning and trying new things" - Mr Khan at Peafield Lane


"Being a part of Leamington Primary Academy is much more than ‘going to work every day’. We are more than just educators; we are the best role models, champions and motivators. The staff at school are like family. They are supportive, inspirational and kind. Every day with the children is filled with love and laughter. I feel grateful to work at such an inclusive and friendly school. At Leamington the ordinary moments become perfect memories” - Sammy Peacock, F2 Teacher 

"Surrounding yourself with people who are all striving to become the best is what makes our school a special place to be. We are one team, working together in partnership with parents to embrace and shape the future of our children. Putting children at the centre of everything we do, everyone inspiring and supporting each other to make every day count is what we are about. Coming to work is a pleasure, it's a place where the best memories are made" - Lindsay Barber, Assistant Head

"Working across the Trust enables us to share practice and ensure we further develop innovative practice" - Fliss Prior, Lead Teacher

"The success of our school is based on raising aspiration beyond the school gate; raising aspiration for the whole community" - Neil Robinson, Chair of Governors