Creating a statement of curriculum intent

Creating a statement of curriculum intent
Nottinghamshire Golf Club
NG12 3HB
Tuesday 16th July 2019 from 09:00 until 12:30
Lunch provided
8 remaining places
£75.00 (members)
£0.00 (non-members)

This half-day training is aimed at primary, infant and junior school and academy leaders, putting an emphasis on leaders’ role in creating a clear statement about their curriculum intent. There will be an emphasis on creating a ‘whole-school’ ethos that embraces the principles of ‘harnessing and maximising the geographical, cultural and historical context of the school within its community.’ (Amanda Spielman 2018)

  • As you are no doubt aware, the new Ofsted framework will put much emphasis on your curriculum intent, implementation and impact. The inevitable part of this, going forwards, is that school’s will have to be clear about their curriculum intent and how the needs of the learners have been taken into account.
  • This is a workshop session where you will be encouraged to use a proforma to outline the way your curriculum is bespoke to your school, starting with your context. This will then be used to help you create your curriculum intent statement.
  • The half-day will focus on the context of your school, considering the positive features that pupils bring, as well as the barriers they may have to learning. In addition, it will look at the curriculum and recognise the decisions you have taken because of the pupils’ context.
The statement will be along the lines of: ‘Because we know this about our pupils, we are doing ...’ This will focus on both contextual and academic features.


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