Haddon Primary & Nursery School children support ‘The Million Hits’ challenge with 70479 drumbeats for Children in Need!

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  • Posted on: January 7, 2022
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Children at Haddon Primary & Nursery School in Carlton have joined the efforts of a former pupil to raise money for Children in Need by supporting the ‘The Million Hits’ challenge.

DCP Drums teachers with students from Haddon Primary & Nursery School holding drum sticks

Dan Piper, founder of DCP Drums is a former Haddon pupil who came up with the idea of ‘The Million Hits’ for Children in Need. Using the drumming lessons he gives to school children, Dan decided to see if children could raise money through sponsorship, aiming to hit a million drumbeats leading up to Children in Need day on the 19thNovember.

Haddon school children managed a whopping 70,479 beats throughout their challenge to add to the week’s total.

Nina Capek is Head Teacher at Haddon Primary & Nursery School and she said, “Dan is a real Inspiration to our Haddoners. He is a former pupil of our school, who encompasses what it means to dream big and aim high, values our pupils share today.

“Having set up DCP drums who provide inspiring, high-energy music and fitness sessions for children, he is now also wanting to make a difference to the wider community and support children in need. Of course, we all jumped at the chance to help him as part of our commitment to raising money to support the annual Children in Need appeal.”

Emily Langdown age 8 said, “I have enjoyed our drumming session and it is good that we are raising money for Children in Need at the same time. Our class got around 11,000 drumbeats; it was tiring but good fun!” Harlow Rennicks age 8 said, “It is good that we have been having fun and helping others at the same time.”

Dan Piper is the founder of DCP Drums and said, “We took our inspiration from weatherman, Owain Wyn Evans, who spent 24 hours drumming for Children in Need. Since we were already taking drumming lessons into schools, we decided to use our hit-counting pads across all schools we visited across the week to see if we could hit a million drumbeats for charity. We are currently at around 300,000 and are hopeful we will hit our target of a million by Friday.

“Schools are using various ways to raise money, but donations of any amount are very gratefully received, it is such a worthy cause.”

Dan’s colleague Joel Webb said schools had risen to the challenge. “The schools are really on board with the challenge, and we are planning to do this again in future years, bringing more schools on board and perhaps raising the challenge total, but essentially aiming to raise as much as we can for Children in Need.”

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