Ofsted says John King Infant Academy in Pinxton ‘could be judged outstanding if inspectors were to carry out a section 5 inspection now’

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  • Posted on: September 9, 2022
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

‘John King Infant Academy is a powerhouse of learning’ says report

John King Infant Academy in Pinxton, a Flying High Trust school, has undergone an Ofsted inspection which has heaped praise on the school.

Described as a ‘powerhouse of learning’, inspectors said should a ‘section 5 inspection’ be carried out now, that the school would likely be graded outstanding.

Anne Ingle is Head Teacher of Pinxton Village Academies, of which John King Infant Academy is a part, and she said that children, their families and staff should be proud of the report’s glowing terms. “I am incredibly proud of our Ofsted report which recognised there was

enough evidence of improved performance to suggest the school could be judged outstanding if it had been a section 5 inspection.

“John King is indeed a powerhouse of learning. The children love learning and there is a positive energy that permeates the school. The children are incredible. They have a real thirst for learning and our curriculum ensures that every child knows, -and remembers more.”

Anne says that John King Infant children are proud of their school. “Our children are great ambassadors for the school and all of the Pinxton Village Academies; they are polite and respectful and demonstrate exemplary behaviour. They are eager to share their sticky knowledge and further deepen their learning. We love reading and believe we teach our children to read so they can read to learn.”

The inspection, carried out on 8th June and published last week said, ‘John King Infant Academy is a powerhouse of learning. There is a positive energy about the place. Pupils enjoy their learning. They told inspectors, ‘This is the best school, and you don’t want to miss out on it.’ Pupils are proud of their school. They told inspectors, ‘We feel proud to go to a school named after a famous local miner.’ Pupils said that they feel safe.’

The report continued, ‘Staff prioritise pupils’ personal and academic development. They have very high expectations of pupils. The school’s values permeate its work. Pupils know and understand the values. Pupils are aspirational. Love of knowledge is at the heart of the curriculum. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. Pupils are polite and respectful. They work hard and care for each other.” The report also said that parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the school, feel well informed about their children’s learning, and appreciate the support their children receive.

Chris Wheatley OBE is CEO of The Flying High Partnership, of which John King Infant Academy is a member. He said, “I have worked in education for many years and read many Ofsted reports during that time. But it is hard to remember an inspection which could be more positive in its praise than this one. It is a true reflection of the incredible work carried out at John King Infants and the Pinxton Village Academies, to provide an education for the children in that community which is world class. I am proud of the commitment of staff and children, who with the untiring support of their parents and carers, can feel proud of the inspectors’ findings. Well done to all, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this school!”

Jess Knighton is Assistant Head and said “Well honestly, I cried with joy when I read the report! It’s so positive and shows the transformational change that has taken place since we joined the Flying High Trust. It means the world to us because we are working so hard to give our children the best start possible and one which the children of Pinxton deserve.” Early Reading Specialist, Joanna Humphries agreed saying, “This report means such a lot as

recognition for the work and achievements of the academy and its children. Since we have been working together as 3 schools under the name of Pinxton Village Academies, there have been some very positive changes. Leadership-wise and working towards the same values at the three schools, is offering children and their families consistency of approach, and the reassurance that they are accessing the best education for their children.”

The report said the school ensured children with special educational needs were able to access the full curriculum, and that leaders worked well with outside agencies to ensure children had the support they needed. Also, that staff promote confidence and resilience in pupils with one child saying, ‘We are taught not to give up when something is hard!’ Children’s knowledge of different faiths and beliefs is reported as strong and that they relish responsibility and taking part in the ‘Pinxton Parliament’. Both Governors and the Flying High Trust are praised for the governance of the academy.

Anne Ingle said that the success was a team effort. “We are proud of our school and proud to be part of Flying High Trust. Being part of Flying High has had impact for our school and our community, giving us access to a wealth of expertise from Claire Stirland, our Director of Education, Grant Worthington, system leader for the trust, and a wealth of additional lead practitioners.

“I am incredibly proud to lead a team of dedicated and talented staff who are driven to make every day count for each and every child at our school. We are very proud of the Ofsted report for our children, parents and our community.”

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