Stanhope Primary School children raise over £1500 for The British Red Cross

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  • Posted on: April 2, 2024
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Children at Stanhope Primary School in Gedling have employed elements from their lessons to develop a fun way of raising money for their chosen charity.

Organised by year 3 teachers, Karen Martt and Steffany Downer, the fundraiser so far has gone beyond their expectations, as Steffany Downer explained. “Children’s learning enquiry this term has been about volcanoes and earthquakes, and we have used this as a basis to raise money for The British Red Cross. Each day, year 3 children have given up their afternoon playtime to walk a mile each, and when we add up the total miles covered in 28 days, it equates to the distance between school and Mount Vesuvius which the children have been finding out about.
“Families have sponsored children and been very generous in their support, -our totals so far are in excess of £1500! This has gone way beyond our expectations.”

Children carried out their daily walks on the school grounds, or in poor weather, in the school hall. Pupil Zachary Taylor age 8 took part and said, “We have been walking a mile every day to raise money for the British Red Cross. I have done it every day with my friends, and it has been lots of fun. Some of us have been running it too!”

Year 3 pupil Arjitha Abhilash age 7 said that during lessons, children looked at the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and its impact upon Pompeii, as well as creating their own models of volcanoes. “We have been writing stories about Pompeii in lessons and we are having an assembly where children are speaking in front of parents and setting off the volcanoes. We have been walking the distance between Mount Vesuvius and our school for charity. I have enjoyed walking for charity and did it every day. I thought that we might raise about £100, and I feel proud that it is now over £1500!”

Headteacher Amanda Richards said, “Our children have shown real commitment both to their lessons and the fundraising efforts this term. As a staff team, we are simply in awe of their achievement, and of the amazing response from Stanhope’s friends and families who have supported children in such a generous manner, a big well done and thank you goes out to everyone.”

Stanhope Red Cross fundraiser 2024-2
Pupils at Stanhope Primary School
Stanhope Primary School children raise over £1500 for The British Red Cross
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