Children's Parliament lead the way...

The Children's Parliament held their second meeting of the year and focused on preparation for the Flying High Trust Awards 2019 and developing multimedia resources to engage parents and families as to how they can help their children fulfil their potential.

Children's Parliament lead the way...

The fourty-four Children's Parliament Ministers from schools across the partnership met recently at Haddon Primary and Nursery School. They had two key tasks to complete during the afternoon. The parliament ministers of 2017-18 created images to represent the seven shared Trust values of aspiration, confidence, creativity, enjoyment, perseverance, pride and responsibility. This year's children worked on creating brand new images for the other award categories of Sports Team of the Year, Alumni Awards, Arts Event Children, Musical Performers, Staff Awards and creating a logo for the Children's Parliament themselves. Graphic Designer, Andy Tomlinson from Aardvark Studio provided inspiration and guidance for the children who had the opportunity to work with an industry professional to create and finalise their designs. Andy said, "It has been an absolute privilege to work with the children - they had some amazing ideas and showed creativity in abundance. There are definitely some potential artists and graphic designers within the Trust schools. They did themselves proud and I can't wait to share with them the final artwork." 

Their second task was to produce storyboards for short video clips to be produced at their final meeting of the year in the summer term. The focus of each video is a guide as to how parents and families can further support their children to enable them to be the very best they can be, with each video linked to one of the core Trust values. 

During the summer term, keep an eye out for the brand new logos which will now be created by a Graphic Designer and will be on all promotional materials for the awards, on the invitation letters to our award winners, and in the awards programme itself for the awards evening. The finalised videos will also be shared via social media and school websites towards the end of the academic year.

Between the logos and video clips, not to mention the work the parliament will complete to ensure the Flying High Awards 2019 are the best yet, will ensure the legacy of the Children's Parliament 2018-19 lives long in the memory!  

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