Trustees focus on the high level performance of the Trust and its strategic development. Trustees meet termly as a full Board and for the two committees, Pupils, Standards and Strategic Development and Finance, People and Resources.

The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Neil Robinson with Kate McKenna Chair of the PSSD committee and Jason Beaumont Chair of the FPR committee. Neil Robinson and Paul Bennett each Chair a Local Hub Board attended by the Chairs (or elected representative) of all Trust schools.

The key roles of the Trustees is to:

  • Account to Members for the performance of the Trust
  • Be responsible for the operation of the Trust and it's strategic development
  • Chair Local Hub Boards to account for the performance of schools in each hub
  • Hold the central team to account within the areas of their roles and responsibilities
  • Hold the Directors of Quality Assurance and School Improvement to account for the effectiveness of school improvement strategies, the overall performance of schools and the attainment and progress of children across the Trust
  • Hold the Director of Business and Finance to account for the financial performance of the Trust and the effective use of resources
  • Oversee the Trust's strategic risk register and ensure that key risks are addressed or mitigated
  • Ensure that the Trust complies with its statutory obligations
  • Oversee the strategic direction and performance of the Teaching Schools