Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy children creating a buzz for their local library

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  • Posted on: April 27, 2023
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy pupils have been working with an artist to create a permanent artwork which will eventually go on display in their local Library.

Ellie Booth works for Inspire Libraries, and she said the children’s work is being created for Project LOGGS (Libraries Outdoor Green Garden Spaces), developed by Inspire’s Sustainability & Environment Group. Various projects, focusing especially on rural communities, will be dedicated to developing environmental understanding and activities in libraries, funded by CILIPs (Chartered institute of Library and Information Professionals) and partnered by Newark and Sherwood District Council.

Ellie said, “This is part of our Green Libraries project working with our community partners to create library gardens and develop work connected to the environment. Newark and Sherwood District Council have allowed us to add an extra layer of creativity to the project by funding the artworks school children are working on, and which will eventually go on display in their local library gardens.

“It will be fantastic that children will be able to share their artwork with their families and their local community, all created using recycled and sustainably resourced materials. The children at Bilsthorpe have been so well mannered and creative, bringing so much enthusiasm to the task, it’s been really lovely to work with them.”

Making her own bug for the project is Isla Tuck, age 9, and she said, “We have been making clay models of bugs and making patterns on their wings with cones, poppy seed heads, and felt tip pen lids. They are going to be put on display at Bilsthorpe’s Library and I am looking forward to seeing all the bees and the bugs. My favourite part of making them is making patterns in the clay.”

George Massetti age 10 said, “I also liked making the patterns in the clay with leaves and pinecones. I have worked with clay before and really enjoy it.” Owen Bettles age 10 said, “I am really looking forward to finding my own bug when they go on display. I think I will be able to recognise mine through the patterns I am using on the wings.”

The artist helping children to create their bugs was Clare Taylor (‘Curious Clare Designs’ and ‘Bus and Bird Arts’) who said, “The children have been really engaged with it. Children love working with clay and you really see some children come alive using it. I think the children will absolutely love what they see when their work is displayed.

“Art for art’s sake is great, -but when you see artwork in a community and having a purpose it is more meaningful. I think it will make the children very proud to have contributed.”

Children’s clay bug creations will now be glazed and fired and then go on permanent display at Bilsthorpe Library in coming weeks.

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