Children at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy dress as their heroes

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  • Posted on: June 29, 2022
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy children came to school dressed as their heroes for the day and discussed how certain professions and people have had a positive impact on society.

Inspired by events such as Armed Forces Day, and Thank a Hero Day, children used their schoolwork to inform their choices when it came to their costumes.

Miss Leek is headteacher at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy and she said throughout children’s curriculum enquiry this term, they have looked at the concept of legacy, looking at different types of hero; from fictional superheroes to everyday heroes, such as frontline pandemic workers, -and discussed how leaving a positive legacy can create lasting change for future generations to come.

She said, “The curriculum at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy is designed to celebrate individuality, diversity and ambition to drive our children to aspire to reach for the stars; to look for extraordinary in the ordinary and to know that not all heroes wear capes.

“Children have discussed what a hero is, and how people can display heroic behaviour.  We aim to empower to our children to understand the importance of purpose; encourage them to reach their potential and inspire them to have a positive impact on society.”

Pupil Amber Wu age 5 said, “I have come as Miss Mann my teacher, because I love Miss Mann!” Pupil Isla Tuck age 8 years said, “I have come dressed as my mum because I look up to my mum. She teaches for her job, and I look up to her every day because she is really special, – and I love her so much!”

Didi Ferdinandus age 8 came dressed as her favourite artist. “Today I have come dressed as Frida Kahlo, because me and my mum look up to her.” Lexi McEwan age 10 came dressed as a family member. “I came dressed as my Nana. When she was really unwell, she never let it get in the way of doing fun activities.”

Lilia Baker age 8 said, “I have come dressed as a scientist because I really like science, and scientists really help people.”

Ryleigh Clarridge-Sugrue age 11 has a hero close to home, “I have come dressed as my mum because she always puts a smile on my face when I most need it!”

During their day children also learned about Armed Forces Day and were put through some basic marching and saluting drills by their own military hero, Site Manager Shaun Martwich!

He said “Our heroes day was inspired by Armed Forces Day, which is a celebration of the contributions of those people, both past and present who have served in the British Armed Forces. It is a chance for us to show our appreciation and support for all of those who have served and who are still serving today. By showing our support we honour those dedicated individuals who proudly wear the uniforms of our country.”

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