Children of South Normanton’s Green Infant School visit Whitepost Farm Centre

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  • Posted on: January 7, 2022
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

The Green Infant School in South Normanton organised a fun filled day trip for its pupils to visit Farnsfield’s Whitepost Farm Centre.

4 children inspecting a snake held by a man

Teacher Jessie Richards said that the trip was an exciting event for children. “It has been a while since children were able to take part in a school outing because of Covid and for our Year 1 children, this is their first ever school trip.”

Claire Newton is Senior Teacher at the school, and she said, “There were many highlights during the day including seeing the children’s happy faces on the coach. Some of our pupils have never experienced a coach trip, -so before we even got to the Farm Centre the excitement was evident.

“Children were so excited to see the variety of animals and also to handle snakes, mice, rabbits. It was lovely to see the children’s personalities shine and flourish and have courage at different stages of the day. Many children overcame their fears, and it was a delight to see!”

Pupil Leon Brady age 6 said, “I really liked the mouse because it was furry. I also touched the snake and didn’t think that I would do that! I am having a lot of fun.” Maxwell Wain age 6 said, “I think the meercats were gorgeous and mischievous, but their dinner looked horrible! They were eating stick insects. I am really looking forward to seeing the hamsters and guinea pigs. I have a hamster at home called Pepsi. Oh and I also want to see Boris the Pig!”

Teacher Bethany Bower said, “All of the children have been able to take part in handling animals which pushed them outside their comfort zone, especially in the reptile house. They coped so well with the challenge and we are very proud of them.”

Fellow Teacher Amanda Stanley said that the school was able to organise the trip because the school’s community was so supportive. “The trip was well supported by parents who attended the trip and helped us to make sure that all of the children made the most of the experience.”

Sarah Martin has two grandchildren at the school and attended the trip to help. She said, “I think school trips like this are especially important now because of the effects of the pandemic and what that has meant to children’s routines. The children were ecstatic on the bus coming here, -they are so excited. For a lot of the children this is the first school trip they have had.”

Sarah says she feels it is important to play her part to help. “I think it is so important to support the school and I am pleased to be able to come along. I know there were some anxious parents whose children have never been on a trip before, so I was able to reassure them. I think children will get such a lot out of the day and will be able to talk about their experiences at home and at school.”

Pupil Gracie-Mae Wilson age 6 wants to be a Palaeontologist when she is older and said she liked the snakes best. “I really want a snake for a pet but I did like the mouse a lot too. It ran around quite fast. I am enjoying the trip because I get to hold animals and I have always liked animals a lot.”

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