Greenwood Primary & Nursery School win the Summer Reading Challenge trophy!

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  • Posted on: October 16, 2023
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Children at Greenwood Primary & Nursery School were excited to welcome visitors from Inspire Libraries into their school assembly to receive the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ trophy.

Alison Cussands (Library Customer Service Advisor) and Sarah Milburn (Kirkby Library Cluster Manager) attended to present the award to assembled children. Sarah said, “It was lovely to meet the children and staff team at Greenwood Primary school to present them with the Summer Reading Challenge trophy from Kirkby Library. An amazing 54 children completed the Summer Reading Challenge from Greenwood school this year which is a wonderful achievement. Hopefully we are encouraging children to learn to enjoy reading, as this is so important for their future development, and to encourage a lifelong love of reading.”

Taking place during children’s summer break, the challenge is a joint project between libraries and The Reading Agency, aimed at encouraging children to read more. This year’s theme was ‘Ready, Set and Read’, encouraging sports, games and play.

To complete the challenge, children were asked to read 6 books each from their local library. Whilst Kirkby Library were pleased to welcome many local schools into the challenge, it was the children of Greenwood Primary & Nursery School who topped numbers participating; winning their school £100 worth of books from the CEO of Inspire, Peter Gaw, for their school library.

Pupil Ashleigh is in year 5 and took part in the challenge and said, “We had to read 6 books during the holidays, and I did that. I normally like to read anyway, and I heard more about the challenge when I visited my local library and saw a lady handing things out. I wanted to see what it was about and found out it was about the challenge. I wanted to take part in it and see if we could get any of the prizes. I am really happy that my school won. My school also sets reading challenges, and I am the first girl in my year to get to 25 reads. I think reading helps you to do everything better and I’m proud of my school for winning.”

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