Haddon Primary & Nursery School children dream big for their aspiration day!

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  • Posted on: March 6, 2023
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Children at Haddon Primary & Nursery School in Carlton held an aspirational event where children came to school dressed as their career heroes for an exciting day discussing what they want to be in the future, and most importantly, how they can go about achieving their dreams.

Taking inspiration from the ‘Little People Big Dreams’ biography books for children, all year groups came to school in costumes at the school based just off Westdale Lane in Carlton.

Pupil Emily is 4 years old, and she was aiming for the stars. “I have come dressed as an astronaut. I think astronauts fly space rockets and it might be a hard job. I wouldn’t be frightened to be on a rocket ship, -I could take my Mum and my big sister with me.”

Gracie age 9 came dressed as a vet. She said, “I would really like to help and save animals like a vet.”

Fellow pupil Freddie age 10 years had his sights on a sporting career. He said “I have come dressed as an Ice Hockey player because when I was little, my dad told me to watch something at breakfast time and it was a game of ice hockey. I asked my dad if I could start learning to ice skate and eventually ended up playing ice hockey myself. I want to be a professional player and I would like to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I think I would have to fully commit and practice every day to be fit and strong, and I am prepared to do that!”

Pupil, Portia, age 5 years said, “I have come dressed as a doctor today because my mum works in a hospital.” Kimora also age 5 said, “I am also dressed as a doctor. Doctors help people and I think that is a good job.”

Elman age 6 is already an expert on his favourite career. “I am dressed as a pilot because I really like planes. My future will be really nice on planes. I think you would have to work hard to be a pilot and I would like to fly an Airbus A330 because they land smoothly and the Boeing 787 because it has a cool wing tip. The Boeing 747 is also very good, it is still in service, and I have seen a video where they are doing delivery flights. I think everyone looks good in their dressing up clothes and my friends have come dressed as a football player, and a scientist.”

Lily age 8 said, “I have come dressed as an artist because I love all art, drawing and paintings! I am still learning but I think it would be a great job. I like to see the art in books too.” Lucas, age 9 said, “I am dressed as a Safari Keeper because I like taking care of animals in their habitat. I would really like to work with monkeys one day.”

Nina Capek is Head Teacher at Haddon Primary & Nursery School and she said, “Our children made a huge and thoughtful effort to dress as their career heroes. Our Haddon families never fail to get behind our special events and the range of careers children are interested in is amazing. We have astronauts, doctors, vets, scientists, footballers and actors, and many children who want to follow in their parents’ footsteps, their very own career heroes. We believe our children should dream big and aim high and we know that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.”

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