Hillside Primary & Nursery School celebrate 10 successful years with The Flying High Partnership

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  • Posted on: November 27, 2023
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Hillside Primary & Nursery School in Hucknall held a celebration to mark their 10 years as a member of The Flying High Partnership. As a memento of the milestone, the school created a banner with a montage of children’s smiling faces.

Rhian Richardson is Head Teacher at the school based on Roberts Lane and she said, “There are so many advantages to being part of a multi-academy trust like the Flying High, for example, the invaluable support from colleagues in other schools and access to professional training for our staff. But most of all it assists us to provide more opportunities for our children who take part in trust wide events like debating clubs and art and sporting events. These opportunities broaden children’s horizons and encourage self-confidence, and this is particularly evident at our annual trust awards at the Motorpoint Arena where around 4000 pupils and their families from across the trust come together to celebrate our fantastic children. Our school is proud to be a part of a supportive wider family, one where Hillside and its children are thriving, and we had a fantastic time celebrating this 10-year milestone.”

Attending the event was Paul Goodman, Deputy CEO at The Flying High Partnership. He said, “I was delighted to be able to celebrate with the staff and children of Hillside Primary & Nursery School, marking ten fantastic years as a member of the Flying High Partnership.

“Our role at the Flying High Partnership is to support our schools, the children, staff alike to be the best they can be. When schools work in partnership with the trust, and each other, the benefits of shared expertise and opportunities creates schools where staff are passionate about making every day count for the children. Children are at the centre of everything we do, and Hillside is a fantastic example of a school that has served its children, and its community at such a high standard for many years.”

Pupil Samet Brahaj, year 5 said, “I think a school is better with a big team around it because if you get stuck you can get some help, just like in class.”

Fellow pupil Leo Rich year 6 said, “We have big Trust events, and I went to the one at the Motorpoint Arena. I think it’s nice to see all of the differences in our schools when we come together, but also that we are all in the same team.”

Isabelle Hodkinson, year 6 said she enjoyed the celebration, “Our new banner is unique and has everyone’s face on it. My friends and I have been able to find our pictures on it!”

Noah Oxford, year 2 was enthusiastic about his school and its celebration saying, “I think it is good to be in our Trust. We all get to do things together. Also, that means we can all help each other a lot. I really like the new banner and I have just found my picture on it!”

Hillside Pri&Nursery Sch-1-7 (1)

Photograph: There I am! Hillside Primary & Nursery School pupil Noah has found his picture on the new school banner celebrating 10 years as a member of the Flying High Partnership.

Hillside Pri&Nursery Sch-1-4 (1)

Photograph: Hillside Primary & Nursery School children with Headteacher Rhian Richardson.

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