Mapplewells Primary & Nursery School Head Boy and Girl welcome Lee Anderson MP for a tour of their school

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  • Posted on: October 3, 2022
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Andrew Whittle is Head Teacher at the school and said, “It was great to welcome Lee Anderson MP into school and show him all the great things we are doing at Mapplewells.  Our newly appointed Head Boy and Girl did a great job of being Mr Anderson’s guides, and they represented the school and their fellow pupils very well.” 

Head Girl Beatrice (Yr. 6) said, “It was a pleasure to show Mr Anderson around our school and all the work we have on display. I was very nervous as it was the first time doing something like this as head girl.” 

Lee Anderson MP said he had enjoyed his visit. “Education is a massive passion of mine; I was educated in Ashfield myself and I care deeply for the education of young people in the area.  

“Here at Mapplewells I can see the great work that the staff are doing, and the children here are absolutely great. This school will be a great start for these children. 

“I have had Harry and Beatrice, Head Boy and Girl showing me around Mapplewells. What a fantastic tour of the school it was! The knowledge the children have is first class and they have shown me inside and outside of the school.”  

Mr Anderson visited classrooms, even joining in with a maths class. “We had a look at the wormery and also the outdoor area where children can read or play board games like dominoes at breaktimes. I can say that this school has a great Head Boy and Girl, who clearly love their school, -and they should feel very proud.” 

Head Boy Harry (Yr. 6) said he was pleased that his first VIP visit went well and was he was particularly happy to talk dominoes with Mr Anderson in the playground covered area.  “I really thought it was exciting because it was my first time taking an important person around the school and also playing dominoes. It was great to meet Mr Anderson and everyone else too.” 

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