Pinxton school children are making the news!

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  • Posted on: January 7, 2022
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Children at Kirkstead Junior Academy try out the news business and become journalists for school project

6 school children holding up assignments in a playground

Children at Kirkstead Junior Academy took part in a school project which culminated in them becoming budding journalists and writing the news!

Once children had written their articles, they worked in teams to edit their work before publishing and selling their individual newspapers to raise money for Breast Cancer Now charity. In all the children raised a whopping £540.24 for their efforts.

Hope Hockley age 10 took part and said, “I have written an article about some school activities. I wrote about a residential we went on to Kingswood. We did lots of activities there. I found writing and editing the article quite hard, but I enjoyed it as I had a plan of what I wanted to write. I am pleased that people other that teachers will get to read my work as I worked really hard on it! I have also written something about our new head teacher Mrs Ingle which I enjoyed.”

Faye George age 10 years also took part. “I enjoyed writing my news story; I wrote about my new Head Teacher. It was fun and I think it has been a good exercise because I enjoyed the writing, but also reading the work of my classmates.”

Baiden Short age 10 wrote an article in a mini newspaper he called ‘The Pinxton Roast!’ Baiden says he loves writing and wants to be a train driver when he is older. “I have written about how Kirkstead Junior Academy has grown through the years, and how this term has been the best term ever! I enjoyed the planning and working with other people to edit it to be the best it can be.

“I have really enjoyed it. I think the teamwork was the best part, we helped each other to edit and improve our work, to add anything we thought was missing or could be better. I liked getting advice from my friends, they gave good advice but didn’t tell me what to do. So, it was up to me in the end to create my work. I feel confident that people will like reading my article and the money raised is going to charity too!”

Shaine Hays age 10 said, “I am trying to sell my newspaper for 10 pence. It is called ‘Amazing Academies Adventures’ and my story is about year 6 and all the amazing things they have done at school. I have enjoyed writing it because it’s been fun. You have to think about how to tell your story. I feel a tiny bit nervous about people reading it, but I have worked hard so I am not too nervous!”

Teacher Tom Dickson said, “Children have worked really hard on writing articles to report back on what they have been doing at school. They have covered all of the new and exciting things they have done, including getting to know Mrs Ingle their new Head Teacher. The children have been fantastic throughout the process. The standard of work has been so good,-they’ve blown my socks off!

“Children have coped well with the teamwork involved and also the independent learning it has taken to create their unique work. We have talked about being accurate and the importance of trustworthy news sources. It has been so useful to discuss their ideas and draw and reflect on the work they have been doing in school.”

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