Poolsbrook Primary Academy’s library gets new lease of life following kind donation.

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  • Posted on: June 15, 2023
  • Partnership: Flying High Partnership

Councillor Anne Hayes “It’s a pleasure to be able to help the school in all it does for the Poolsbrook community.”

Poolsbrook Primary Academy says it wants to thank a local Councillor after it received three donations which has enabled it to develop its children’s library, celebrate the Coronation and also support an end of year trip for children.

Louise Parker is Head Teacher at the school on Cottage Close, Poolsbrook. She said, “We are so grateful for the donations which have made an incredible difference to our lovely school.

“Not only were we supported to celebrate the Coronation, but we have been able to purchase new library furniture and books, in addition to supplementing the cost of a school trip to

Cannon Hall Farm at the end of term.” Louise said the total sum the school received was a whopping £1400!

“With the support of Councillor Hayes and that of Derbyshire County Council’s fund for local organisations, we have been able to provide a wonderful new library area for our children with lots of new books to encourage their love of reading. What an amazing gift for our children attending now, and for generations of new Poolsbrook children to come. The staff and children want to say a huge thank you for this wonderful gift.”

Councillor Anne Hayes visited the school to see the new library and said, “One of the most pleasing aspects of being a County Councillor is the ability to help local groups and charities with donations from the fund that we are allocated by Derbyshire County Council. It has been my pleasure to help Poolsbrook Primary Academy with three donations: towards their new library, new books, their celebrations for the coronation of King Charles III and now the trip to Cannon Hall Farm.

“Poolsbrook Primary has a great leader who is very welcoming, -kind and helpful support staff and of course brilliant teachers. It’s a pleasure to be able to help the school in all it does for the Poolsbrook community.”

Pupil Harrison North in Year 3 said, “It’s nice that money has been donated to our school so we can go on our fun school trip and buy some lovely new reading books. One of my favourite books is ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’”.

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